About the Faculty

Faculty “Science and Management” was launched in 2000 in response to the urgent needs of scientific and technological progress of modern human community and, in particular, Ukraine’s economic development. The faculty included chairs that have over the years conducted training in management based on modern achievements of mathematical optimization and widespread introduction of computer technology. They have accumulated extensive experience on modern information technology, computer engineering, mathematical methods and tools to address scientific, technical and technological problems of the economy, manufacturing, education, communications, business, sports management, environment and health.

The system of training specialists based on the organic combination of basic mathematical training with a deep mastery of computer technology and modern information technology, professional mastering foreign languages ​​and translation in the field related professions.

The use of modern educational technology, the widespread introduction of computer technology, equipment and software packages modeling and design, active use of the latest advances in information technology, the use of modern audio and video, collaboration with universities and industrial companies in Germany, Austria, Holland, Great Britain, USA, France, South Korea and a number of other countries allow train specialists to global requirements. Faculty enables an internship at leading schools in Western Europe during training and after receiving higher education.

The Department has an extensive database of modern computer technology, which has more than 200 personal computers. Departments have their own local information networks connected to the information network of the University and the INTERNET.

All graduates receive a referral to work under orders of public and private institutions.

In general, the faculty study 1350 students, including 850 study according to budget, 450 contract, 50 students from foreign countries.

Courses by qualified teachers, including 38 professors, 70 associate professors, academicians specialized academies, state prize winners.

The high quality of the educational process is provided using the curriculum disciplines of modern science and personal faculty scientific results they receive when performing research.