121 Software Engineering

Specialty 121 “Software Engineering” – a field of research on software development, the application of a systematic, disciplined, measurable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software, as well as the study of these approaches

Educational Program

Software Engineering

Graduating Department

Software Engineering and Intelligent Technology Management

Brief description

Educational program involves the training of specialists in software design, development, design and testing. Curricula are based on the experience of leading European and American universities, as well as the needs of IT companies and information and analytical departments of enterprises and organizations.

Employment opportunities

PU leading IT companies (NIX Solutions, Telesens, EPAM, SoftServe, Global Logic, Sigma Software, INSART, Academy SMART, Kharkiv IT Cluster) in the following positions:
• Business Analyst,
• architects (Architector, System Analyst),
• Software developers (Middle, Senior Developer),
• QA engineer,
• Project Management Specialists.
In the information and analytical departments of enterprises and organizations as specialists in the implementation, development and maintenance of IT infrastructure in the following positions:
• software engineers,
• heads of IT departments.

Selective educational components (Profile blocks). Brief description

1. Research and Development


2. Software Development and Startup


3. Innovation Campus