Scientific activity

Departments of the institute made in the following areas:

  • Information technology management of hierarchical distributed systems;
  • IT project management;
  • Intelligent natural language study;
  • The development of theory and methods for the synthesis of robust decentralized control of distributed supply chains in the face of uncertainty;
  • Solution of control of nonlinear systems;
  • Information provision of training;
  • Development of methods for solving inverse problems of diagnosis and control of nonlinear systems with the application of computational intelligence and synergy;
  • Problems of Humanities and technical elite.

At the faculty trained 36 graduate students, 19 of them full-time and 17 part-time forms of learning and computational techniques, information technology, automation of management processes, theories and methods of professional education, labor psychology and engineering psychology.

A large number of theses in these fields mathematical modeling and computational methods, information technology, automation control, protected at the meetings of the Academic Council D 64.050.07, which is created on the basis of faculty scientists.

To research activities aimed at improving the theory, the development of new mathematical methods, models, information technology, etc., involved faculty and students. Each year, about one hundred papers published in scientific and technical journals by students. Students of the department of computer mathematics and mathematical modeling, as well as the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems are the executors of research work carried out by order of the well-known by Samsung.

Scientific activity can generate a high level of theoretical training of graduates.

Scientific work is an important component of each department of the institute. The main scientific direction of the Department of Automatic Control was the use of mathematical models of computer technology in the automation of process control and research. For developments in this area Yu. T. Kostenko and LM Lyubchyk in 1997 were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

For the Department of Strategic Management, the priority research areas are the development of methodology and highly effective methods of integrated strategic management, portfolio management, programs, projects for the development of industrial and economic systems. In 2005 he brought to the department a scientific discovery, the authors of which were prof. IV Kononenko and graduate student AM Repin. The copyright for the discovery was registered and also presented in scientific publications. In 2009 the team, which included prof. IV Kononenko received the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology for his work “Scientific principles of projected active management of projects and programs of socio-economic development in the fields of education, science and production.”

The Department of Computer Mathematics and Data Analysis is forming a scientific school in the field of management and decision-making methods in conditions of uncertainty. The department carries out applied research work on the development of control algorithms for district heating systems, management of large hydropower systems, methods of conducting examinations of nuclear power units. Since the 2010s, the department has been developing a scientific field related to data mining based on machine learning methods. The direction is developed thanks to the work of prof. AA Branches, associate professors NT Protsay and OA Tevyasheva. One of the first in Ukraine at the department was created an educational program in the field of Data Science. The department is implementing a pilot project to develop, test and implement an innovative educational system based on technologies of project-based learning, on-demand training, peer-to-peer training in the framework of the CDIO Initiative.

The departments of the institute hold scientific events, within which modern research of intelligent systems is discussed: Information technologies of monitoring and support of decision-making in complex systems, Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Systems, etc. The institute’s divisions are educational partners of IT companies of regional and state level EPAM, Telesens, NIX Solution, Sigma, SoftServe, Technorely, Academy Smart, INSART, Interpak, Kharkiv IT Cluster.

International cooperation is an integral part of the work at the present stage of development of the institute. Thus, the Department of Software Engineering and Information Technology Management actively cooperates with the Alpine-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt (Austria), Linneus University (Sweden), Hamburg Technical University (Germany), University of Paris-North XIII (France), University of Maribor (Slovenia) , Higher School of Management and Public Administration in Bratislava (Slovakia), Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland). Since 2015, the department is a partner of the international educational project MASTIS “Creation of a modern master’s program in the field of information systems.”

The Department of Strategic Management is the executor of Erasmus + student and staff mobility grants with WSB and Lodz Technical University (Poland) and Western University of Timisoara (Romania). Students of the department take part in academic mobility programs, double degree programs in freelance education in Europe.

Students of the Department of Strategic Management are active in public life. Thus, students of the Department of Strategic Management Taras Kibitkin and Alexander Moroz were the winners of the competitions “Mister KhPI” in 2012 and 2013. Alexander Moroz, in addition, became a participant in the show “Voice of the Country 9”. Student Anna Kolesnichenko was the “Miss Audience Choice” contest “Miss HPI 2011”.