122«Computer Science and Intelligent Systems»

Computer science and artificial intelligence is a contractual basis offer of the specialty 122 “Computer science”, which involves the training of specialists in the development of information technologies for managing complex systems and processes for various purposes based on artificial intelligence. The curricula of the contractual basis offer are drawn up taking into account the experience of leading European and American universities, as well as the requirements of IT companies and information and analytical departments of enterprises and organizations.
About the contractual basis offer:
The purpose of the contractual basis offer is to prepare specialists in the development of information technologies for decision-making for different areas and levels of government.
Basic disciplines on information technologies: “Object-Oriented Programming”, “Operating Systems”, “Database Design”, “Network Technologies”, “Web Technologies”, “Programming in Java Script, Java EE, .NET”, “Program Security and data”, “Quality and software testing ”, “Design of information systems ”, “IT-project management ”.
Basic disciplines in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence: “Probability theory and mathematical statistics”, “Systems modeling”, “Information processing methods”, “Knowledge representation in intelligent systems”, “Artificial intelligence systems”, “Intellectual data analysis”, “Decision theory”.
After graduating from Bachelor degree programmes, graduates work as software developers and testers (Junior Developer, Junior QA).

Qualifications: Bachelor of Computer Science.