Innovation Campus: the second season has started

On September 2, the Spark Startup Center hosted a presentation of the second season of the Innovation Campus project, which brings together second year students in IT and enables them to gain practical skills in their chosen field. The event

A student of the SEMIT Department is preparing her thesis for defense at the University of Bratislava

Our student Alyona Sviridova is finishing her second year of study on the joint program “Information systems and technologies in entrepreneurship” and shares her impressions of the process of graduation design with us.

Trtaineeship for students of the Department at IВМ within the framework of the double degree program

On July 13, 2021, at the School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava (VŠEMvs), the grand opening of the fourth year of the international summer school took place within the framework of joint training programs on IT

Public Discussion for educational programs projects the SEMIT Department (Bachelor’s Degree)

Updates on educational programs of the SEMIT Department: interaction with stakeholders

On March 25, a discussion of the educational programs content for the Bachelor’s Degree of the SEMIT Department took place. The program guarantors presented their content to the stakeholders – representatives of leading IT companies and students. This is an

NIX Testing

Lecturers of the SEMIT Department presented reports at an interesting educational event

On June 2, 2020, the seminar “Modern Machine Learning Technologies” was held by the MoMLeT Workshop, in which the lecturers of SEMIT Department participated.

Online Master Degree Diploma Defence

On May 18, the Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies held the defense of Master’s theses of educational and scientific programs 121 “Software Engineering” and 126 “Information Systems Software”. Under the conditions of distance learning introduced for the

CoLInS Conference 2020

Due to the peculiarities of the epidemiological situation in the country and the introduced quarantine, the CoLInS Conference 2020 was held remotely, but despite that fact it wasn’t less interesting and productive.

Distance learning

Dear students! Training materials for distance learning for the quarantine period are available here