We invite you to listen to a course of lectures by a professor from the Sorbonne University Paris Nord

We invite everyone to listen to lectures on Specialized Text Mining and take part in a workshop held at NTU “KhPI” on December 15-16, 2021, by Professor of the University of Paris 13 Thierry Amon.





Professor of the University of Paris 13 Thierry Amon

The lecture will provide an overview of NLP methods for intellectual analysis of specialized texts (technical and scientific areas). After outlining the difficulties and peculiarities of extracting specialized textual data, the methods of their pre-processing will be presented. Then the approaches to the recognition of named objects, the selection of terms (semantic units related to the concept of scientific or technical field) will be described in detail, the tools that implement the methods will also be considered. Evaluation of approaches to text mining is going to be described. The application of text mining methods in biomedical texts will be presented.
The workshop will focus on using some NLP tools or APIs to identify semantic entities in texts.
The lecture takes place on December 15, 2021. from 9-00 to 12-00, library of NTU “KhPI”, room 63.
The workshop takes place on December 16, 2021. from 9-00 to 12-00, aud. 617 U2.

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