The department staff make their farewells to a colleague

The staff of the Software Engineering and Management Intelligent Technologies Department with deep sorrow announces that on April 25, during enemy shelling of the Dergachev community district, our colleague and friend Leonid Aramovich Gambarov passed away. He was an outstanding teacher and scientist, professor of the Institute of Informatics and Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, doctor of Technical Sciences.

Leonid Aramovich was always ready to share his strength, his talent and his knowledge: until the last day he held online classes, he was full of vitality and optimism. He was not only an outstanding scientist and teacher, but also a master of sports in mountaineering and repeatedly participated in the most difficult rescue work. Gambarov had more than a hundred ascents on his account, among them every fifth one was of the highest category of difficulty.
The scientific legacy of Leonid Aramovich is more than 130 scientific publications, he prepared for the defense of a candidate of sciences, for many years he taught fundamental disciplines for future specialists: “Models and methods of soft computing”, “Methods for processing economic information”, “Fundamentals of dynamic and technical processes management”, “Software development technologies for web-based systems”, “Software architecture and design”, “Mathematical models and methods in intelligent systems”. Students and colleagues highly appreciated the high professionalism of Leonid Aramovich, his active life position, toughness of character, fortitude.
The staff of the Department expresses its condolences and support to the family of Leonid Aramovich. Farewell will take place on April 28 at 12.00 at the 2nd cemetery in Kharkov.