OandES department at the Open Day of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of NTU “KhPI”

This year, the open day of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of NTU “KhPI” was held on April 2, 2024. A feature of this event was that it was simultaneously held both in the mode of live communication and remotely. The NNI MIT directorate prepared and conducted a very interesting interactive introduction of the entrants to the areas of training, during which the entrants got to know the representatives and presentations of the educational programs, according to which the educational process takes place in our educational and scientific institute. Representatives of each department had the opportunity to provide information about the specialties for which training is taking place.

Head of the department, prof. S. Wambol and assoc. prof. Yascheritsin E. applicants were told about the prospects of specialty 263 “Civil security”, the educational program “Occupational safety and health”, the possibility of internships, studies and obtaining a double diploma at foreign higher education institutions. Employment prospects and positions that young specialists in this direction will occupy after training were also discussed.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the “Occupational and environmental safety” department prepared presentation materials and for a visual demonstration – devices. Campaign advertising brochures and career orientation posters, devices for monitoring dangerous and harmful production factors (pyrometer Mestek IR01C; anemometers – winged digital VTMETER VT-816B and mechanical cup МС-13, sound level meter Robotron RTF 00024, luxmeter U-116 and electromagnetic radiation tester GM3120) attracted interest potential applicants.

It is natural that future entrants were also interested in the possibility of working with devices, which was demonstrated by our employees. Using the example of the bomb shelter in which the event was held, assoc. prof. E. Yascheritsin the definition of room parameters was demonstrated, such as: noise level indicator – 54…65 dBA, illumination level at various points – 45…700 lux, electric field strength – 0…134 V/m; magnetic induction – 0…4.56 μT; temperature, which varied from 15 to 16 °C at different points, humidity – 50%, air speed less than 0.1 m/s.

The maximum values of electric field strength and magnetic induction were recorded directly on the housings of the electrical equipment that was used to broadcast the event live. As the GM3120 device moved away from this equipment, the values of the levels of these factors decreased almost to zero. Therefore, it should be noted that the measured levels of harmful and dangerous production factors in the bomb shelter fully satisfied the conditions of the event.

In general, we can say that this open day, which lasted more than two hours, attracted the attention and interest of applicants to the specialties of our department and institute. Yes, the student of the Zmiiv Lyceum who was present at this event has already expressed his desire to study in the educational program of the “Occupational safety and health” educational program.

We also hope for further interest of applicants in our educational programs.

Department of Labor and Environmental Safety.

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