Scientific and practical events

The current scientific directions of the Department of Occupational Safety and Environment are:
– theoretical basis of safety of life,
– ecological safety,
– technogenic safety,
– labor protection,
– environmental protection,
– civil protection.

The department has a close relationship and actively cooperating with various companies, including LLC “Semkor” in Barishevka (Ukraine), “Zaporizhstal”, “Crimean Soda Plant” LLC “Nargus”, JSC “Dekorus”, JSC “Sumy NPO M.V. Frunze “, National Institute of Labour and Social and Economic Research. The department concluded a comprehensive agreement with the Office of the Executive Directorate of the Social Insurance Fund against accidents at work and professional studies in the Kharkov region of Ukraine and the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. The agreement focuses on the using of systemic scientific approach to solving complex business problems existing with the protection of labor, employment certification, training and selection of appropriate personnel in the production, research and development of new instruments and measures to protect workers. The term of the contract for 10 years.

Organization of scientific conferences

Since 2001, every year, our Department together organizes and conducts international scientific-methodical conference “Human security in today’s conditions”.

Each year, NTU “KPI” conducts international scientific-practical conference “Information technologies: science, technics, technology, education, health.” As part of this conference, our department organizes the work of the section “New technologies of environmental protection and waste disposal.”

Student Olympiads

The Department actively helds a Phase I of subject Olympiads in reports and personal tasks that prepare students for courses, “SoL”, “Safety of labor”, “Civil protection” and “Ecology.”

The winners of Round I take part in the II round of the Ukrainian Student Olympiad in “Safety of living and human activities.”
From 2005 to 2007 the venue was the NTU “KPI”, and the organizer – the department of “Safety of Living and Environment.”
On 19-28 September 2008 in the NTU “KPI” first time on the basis of our department I International Olympiad of the discipline “Safety of Living” was held, which was attended by students from eight higher educational facilities from 4 countries (Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and Russia.)

Since 2009, students took uchustie in the Olympic Games in the direction of “safety of life and human activity” on the road.
II International Student Olympiad on academic discipline, “Safety of living” was held by the department “Safety of labor and the environment” from 21 to 25 November 2011 in Slovakia. Were involved students from 11 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, India, Egypt, France, Syria). As a result of the Olympiad Evseeva Julia took 4th place, a student of the MT-47, NTU “KPI”. In the team competition the team of Ukraine took 1st place.

In addition to the usual student contests the Department provides online and international Olympiad on academic discipline, “Safety of Living.” III International Student Internet competition involved students from Ukraine, the United States, Russia and Iran.
In 2014, the Internet Contest, held in conjunction with the Kazakhstan State University, where students participated Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey and others.

In 2008 was concluded an international treaty on cooperation and partnership between NTU “KPI” and the Academy of the Slovak Armed Forces, Liptovsky Mikulas, on the exchange of teachers, students and the general scientific and methodical work and conduct of student contests.

Participation in exhibitions, competitions, awards

Layouts “Mobile car wash with regeneration and self-supply of water ‘and’ Mobile station of regeneration of technological solutions and oils of machine tools” actively participated in various international exhibitions and fairs (2006-2010)and according to the results the authors were awarded.

Scientific developments of Department

Technology and equipment for water treatment containing chromium and other metal ions

Technology involves extracting impurities for the given technological requirements of values with the subsequent return of water to the production. The main design features of the proposed technology is a device (universal type electrocoagulator ECOS-M), developed by V.V. Berezutskiy. Technology and equipment have been experimental-industrial tests and introduced a number of industrial enterprises of Kharkov, Zaporozhye, etc. The volume of treated water from 1 to 20 m3/h. The cost of equipment and work performed is the lowest.

Technology and equipment for cleaning, regeneration and degradation of cutting fluids (coolant)

Technology include cleaning of solids, neutralization and removal of free oil during operation, allowing coolant use to an year or more without having a replacement a new one. If it necessary to destruct the spent coolant, is performing a split to the water and oil, without using chemicals. Technologies have been pilot-scale tests, are used in enterprises of Kharkov. The cost of equipment is the most minimal with high effect. Technologies and equipment designed for all types and volumes of coolant. This technology can be used for cleaning mine and other waters.

Mobile washer for cars with water regeneration and independent source of power

Students development is executed in conjunction with the plant “Self-propelled chassis” of Kharkiv. Currently, there are research results and project documentation for manufacture. Analogs in Ukraine are not available. Through put setting 10-15 cars per hour. Indispensable in areas where water is a deficit, and where there are no sources of electricity. Can be used in contaminated areas, for washing vehicles and other preventive measures. Costs and equipment pays off in less than one year.

Technology and equipment for cleaning and regeneration of detergents

Technology and equipment are used for cleaning and regeneration of detergents for their repeated use in a production environment. If it necessary, can be accomplished the destruction of detergents and the separation of water from the impurities. The technology had experimental-industrial tests and has been used successfully in a number of industrial enterprises. Technology and equipment are carried out under the specified amount of detergents. The cost of equipment and technology are relatively low.

Technology and equipment for cleaning oily water from the impurities

Technology and equipment designed for cleaning water containing oil and can be successfully used for cleaning and regeneration of rain, condensate, etc. water in production conditions. The equipment occupies small production areas, but very effective in their work. Manage of mechanism is automatic. Technology and equipment have been experimental-industrial tests and has successfully implemented in number of industrial enterprises of Kharkov. For example, the experimental-industrial tests of mechanism at the factory FED, Kharkov, showed that the concentration of oils from the primary 3000 mg/l is reduced to 3 mg/l using a single passage through the machine clean.

Technology and equipment for recycling of metal waste, grinding processes the surface of metal products

Technology involves sorting, cleaning, pressing and heat treatment of waste. In the result of applied technology is obtained metal, in composition close to the source, pellets with a high content of metal or metal powder for powder metallurgy. Technology and equipment are made in the drawings and have been experimental development. Have a high yield of metal.

Developing of indicators of ecological safety of industrial enterprises

Ecological index of industrial enterprise allows us to define a model of environmental control on the production, to identify “narrow” places in natural resources and develop plans for the future, to carry out ecological mapping. A distinctive feature of the proposed measure is its relative simplicity in the definition.